Admissions are opened throughout the year.
Advance booking prior to your arrival is recommended (a week /10 days).
Different types of accommodations are available like General Ward, Special Room, Deluxe Room, Luxury rooms& Cottages.
Charges includes accommodation, treatment and diet.Some special treatments are charged separately.
You can either book through phone, email, walk-in.


• Advance booking prior to your arrival is recommended, to secure your prefer dates
• Prior to your admissions kindly go through the information regarding the type of accommodation and tariff. Your minimum required days of stay should not be less than a week (for the treatment purpose).
• You can avail 1-2 days packages for the rejuvenation purpose.
• One must pay the advance money a week before/at the time of admission. Four working days of notice is required in case of cancellation of booking. Advance is non refundable. In the event of premature discharge, charges will be levied for actual period of stay.
• Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, or any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited.
• Do not carry eatables including fruits.
• No permission will be given to the patients to go outside during the stay at INH.


One is supposed to attend early morning yoga classes.
Consult your concerned doctor on daily basis, and undergo prescribed, treatments twice a day.
Attend evening aerobic classes, prayer sessions, and eye exercises.
One is supposed to eat the prescribed amount of diet, which consists of Fresh Juices, Raw Diet, Salads, Boiled Vegetarian diet.
Customers can avail recreational facilities of the hospital.


20 beds in General wards, 25 Special rooms, 4 luxury rooms, 4 deluxe rooms, 6 cottages.100 beds. A.C rooms are available.

Special Rooms:

Well ventilated, having two beds, attached bathroom with western toilet.24 hrs water and electricity supply. This room can be shared either by two people or by a single person.

Luxury Rooms:

More spacious, two bedded, well ventilated, attached bathroom with a dressing area.

Deluxe Rooms:

Perfect ambience for an affordable price. Has two beds, with or without Air conditioning, with or without attached balcony, has Television connection.


Well furnished air conditioned, extra spacious. Offers complete privacy. Food is provided to the dining area of the cottage.

Sai Karunya Vibhagam(Free Treatment scheme for the poor patients). Our Hospital management started free service package under “Sai Karunya Vibhaga” for the patients suffering from Cerebral Palsy for a minimum period of six months.
Not only for the Cerebral Palsy, for any other genuine chronic cases, free treatment provided for the poor patients.
Free treatment along with the accommodation and diet are given for patients below poverty line.
Out-patient services Local Patients can avail outpatient services after consultation with the doctors.